Pencils: The Complete Captain Action TPB

31 03 2012

These pages were supposed to come out in what would have been Captain Action Season 2 #7, but Moonstone decided to collect all of their Captain Action stories (including previously unreleased stories) in one big volume. A must have for Captain Action fans!


432pgs, b/w, 7” x 10” squarebound, $28.95

This is the BIG ONE!
EVERY Captain Action Moonstone appearance ever printed…as well as Lady Action, Action Boy, Captain Action Classified, and Khem! One BIG TOME-O-READING! A one-time printing only!

Another Weird Adventures Illustration

10 03 2012

Here’s another illustration I did for the Weird Adventures RPG, which you can order online by clicking here.

This drawing was also done with my tablet. I’m finding myself drawing stuff digitally more and more these days.

Robin Hood Foundation Illustrations

1 03 2012

A couple of pencilled pages commissioned by Bonfire Agency, part of a campaign for the Robin Hood Foundation.