Maskarado vs. Silakbo

21 12 2012

This story was supposed to be part of this anthology, but like it says in that particular post, the whole thing didn’t push through. By the time we knew that the project was dead, I had already finished pencilling it and was halfway through the inks.

So here it is now, inked and lettered (and translated to English)…


M-Silakbo_02 M-Silakbo_03 M-Silakbo_04 M-Silakbo_05 M-Silakbo_06 M-Silakbo_07 M-Silakbo_08

Preview Pages: Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes #1 (of 2)

10 12 2012

Story: Nancy Holder; Art: Reno Maniquis; Colors: James Brown; Cover: Paul

Join NY TIMES best-selling author Nancy Holder in this 2-part murder mystery set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt! Domino Lady and Sherlock Holmes team up to solve the riddle of the Sphinx…ok, not really, but they do solve this riddle of passion, identity, and antiquity!

33 pages, color, 7” x 10”, $3.99; Available April 2013