Captain Barbell in “…And They Called Him X!”

29 01 2015

Here’s a short story I did with author/director Dodo Dayao some years ago (2005, I think). It originally came out in the Marvelous Komiks Preview, showcasing the trinity of Mars Ravelo superheroes: Darna, Captain Barbell and Lastikman.

Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page1 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page2 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page3 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page4 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page5 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page6 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page7 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page8 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page9 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page10


I drew this for two to three hours every night after work, for a span of five days, which means it took fifteen hours max to finish it (excluding the lettering).

The Promise

4 03 2014

Here’s a short story I did some years back, just for fun. This is the first time this story goes public. It’s written in Tagalog/Filipino, so I apologize to my non-Filipino-speaking readers out there. Still, I hope you enjoy it.

promise01 promise02 promise03 promise04 promise05 promise06 promise07 promise08

Maskarado and Kalayaan Team-Up

1 05 2013

Here’s a short story I did for Maskarado’s 15th anniversary mini-comic. The plot is by Gio Paredes, creator of  the patriotic superhero Kalayaan, who is featured in this team-up tale.





Maskarado vs. Silakbo

21 12 2012

This story was supposed to be part of this anthology, but like it says in that particular post, the whole thing didn’t push through. By the time we knew that the project was dead, I had already finished pencilling it and was halfway through the inks.

So here it is now, inked and lettered (and translated to English)…


M-Silakbo_02 M-Silakbo_03 M-Silakbo_04 M-Silakbo_05 M-Silakbo_06 M-Silakbo_07 M-Silakbo_08

The Duel

12 02 2010

This was a 3-pager I did around late 1993 or early 1994. I just did a bunch of sequentials without really thinking what the story was going to be. Flash-forward some years later, I started to self-publish the anthology Tabloid Komiks, and asked writer Carlo Borromeo if he could come up with a script for it so I could include it in the anthology. I was pleasantly surprised with the simple plot he came up with, and here it is now for everyone to read.

The Witness

11 01 2009

A short story originally presented in Tabloid Komiks. Written by Carlo Borromeo.






Inherent Tendencies

2 01 2009

A short story published in TwentyToSix Books‘ anthology THE HIEROGRAPH Volume 1.



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