Pencils to inks: Phantom/ Captain Action #2

2 03 2010

(Inks by Keith Williams)

Phantom/Captain Action #2 (Available April 2010)

(W) Mike Bullock (A) Reno Maniquis (C) Art Thibert, Mark Sparacio

The over-sized conclusion! The two timeless titans collide in the first concussive crossover ever created. Captain Action and Diana have tracked down the Phantom’s kidnappers, but when the bullets start flying, and their plan is shot full of holes, the entire world may come crashing down around them before their mission is accomplished. Guest Starring Lady Action!


The Phantom-Captain Action Limited HC (Available May 2010)

Reprints the two issue mini-series, plus a never-before-seen Phantom story, and the Captain Action short story from Phantom Double Shot Noir! 60 pages, $25.99.