Blast from the Past: Marvel samples circa 1994

13 05 2010

Dug out these tryout pages for Marvel. I was living in New York at the early part of 1994. It so happened my cousin’s co-worker was the sister of then-Marvel artist Walter McDaniel. Long story short, he accompanied me to the Marvel bullpen, where I handed out samples of my work. One editor gave me a sample script. I don’t exactly remember who, it might have been Craig Anderson, since he was editing Warlock and the Infinity Watch at that time and that was the script that was given to me (issue 30, to be exact). I didn’t get a job after turning it in (I drew almost the whole issue as a sample). These are the first four pages that I did.

After a few years I managed to buy the issue in a bargain bin with Patrick Oliffe on the actual art chores. Needless to say his work was (and is) infinitely better than mine. 🙂