Maskarado/Dakila Digital Edition

31 01 2018

The Maskarado/Dakila crossover is now available as a digital download. Written by David Hontiveros, Maskarado & Dakila: Silver Like Dust is available at gumroad for only PhP80. Click the bold text or the link below to purchase.


Lower than Angels

29 01 2018


Practiced digital painting on my iPad Pro using the Procreate app. Takes some getting used to but I think it turned out okay.

Maskarado Vol. 2.5 Digital Edition

17 01 2018


Maskarado Vol. 2.5: With a Vengeance is now available digitally at my gumroad page. Only PhP80 (around US$1.60). Click the link below to purchase…

Buy it here!

Art Collaborations With My Daughter

3 01 2018




Some stuff I did in collaboration with my daughter, Jade. I did the line art, she did the colors and FX. Honestly, she did a better job at it than I ever could. You can check out more of her work at and at