The Outline: Who Watches the Men?

26 04 2017




Some panels for‘s Trump-era comic inspired by “Watchmen”. Click HERE to read the whole thing.

Sultry Nights

10 03 2017

Wanted to do a pulp/noir/hardboiled type of illustration. Ink drawing with digital colors.

Beast and the Beauty

15 02 2017


Brush and ink, with digital colors.

Oni and Kunoichi

14 09 2016


Digital drawing.

Batman on a Gargoyle

5 09 2016


Digital painting practice. Batman on a gargoyle has been done numerous times, but it’s a great visual concept so one more won’t hurt.

Miracleman vs. Stardust the Super Wizard

10 03 2016


Did this one for fun. Two near-omnipotent beings battling amid a stormy sky… Miracleman and Stardust the Super Wizard!

Heroes in Love

6 02 2016


Something I did just for fun for my wedding anniversary. A cover mock-up depicting me and my wife as superheroes. I borrowed the old DC bullet and the title/logo from their “Young Heroes in Love” comic (no copyright or trademark infringement intended, DC!). I removed the “Young” part since we aren’t young anymore, haha!

Twinkly background image designed by Kjpargeter –