Captain Barbell in “…And They Called Him X!”

29 01 2015

Here’s a short story I did with author/director Dodo Dayao some years ago (2005, I think). It originally came out in the Marvelous Komiks Preview, showcasing the trinity of Mars Ravelo superheroes: Darna, Captain Barbell and Lastikman.

Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page1 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page2 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page3 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page4 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page5 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page6 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page7 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page8 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page9 Captain-Barbell---And-They-Called-Him-X-page10


I drew this for two to three hours every night after work, for a span of five days, which means it took fifteen hours max to finish it (excluding the lettering).