Beki Boxer Storyboards

9 05 2015

Here are some storyboards I did last year for the TV5 series, Beki Boxer. This is the closest I’ve come to actually choreographing a fight for the screen, since I had to come up with the angles and frame descriptions myself (based on the scripts, of course).

BB-week13a BB-week13b BB-week13c BB-week13d BB-week13e BB-week13f BB-week13g BB-week13h

FCBD 2015: Maskarado Vol. 2 Sampler

1 05 2015


Celebrating Free Comic Book Day 2015! Here’s a sampling of Maskarado Vol. 2: International Incident, available later this year.

To download in .pdf format, click on the link below…

Maskarado Vol. 2: International Incident FCBD Sampler 2015 pdf

To download in .cbz format (for a limited time), click on the link below…

Maskarado Vol. 02 – International Incident FCBD Sampler (2015) cbz

Enjoy! And happy Free Comic Book Day!