Exodus Print Ad: Before and After

17 02 2009

Here’s a print ad for the Exodus comic, which actually saw print but the actual comic did not. The first one is the original, but then the editor decided he wanted it to look more likeĀ Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., hence the face change on the second one. Personally, I liked the first one better, since he looked more bad-ass and tougher. But you can judge for yourself.

Version 1:


Version 2:


Colors on both versions by Bong Leal.

EXODUS Movie adaptation (aborted)

3 02 2009

Here are finished pages from the Exodus movie adaptation. It would have been a bit of a departure from the original movie, since the treatment I wrote sought to address some of the inconsistencies in the movie, plus go into more detail about the characters’ past and motivations. And I added more battle sequences that would have been too difficult for the movie’s budget to film. I also brought back some elements from Dwight Gaston‘s original screenplay that were removed from the finished version (like the man-horse Tayho being able to morph into a centaur). Sadly, the project was discontinued and never published. Colors and background assists were done by Bong Leal.