Graphic Classics Half-Price Sale!

3 08 2012

Eureka Productions is pleased to announce a special, limited-time, half-price sale on the GRAPHIC CLASSICS® series of comics adaptations of great literature.

The sale runs from August 1 through August 14, 2012, and applies only to direct sales through the GRAPHIC CLASSICS website at

Now is the chance to fill in any series volumes you may be missing, or purchase gift copies at a discount price. Hurry, as the sale ends soon, and some volumes are in low supply. $10 minimum purchase.

“Innovative visual entrées to great writers and their legacies.”
— Stephanie Zvirin, Booklist

“A splendidly inventive series.”
— Malcolm Jones, Newsweek

“So imaginative, evocative, and compelling in their execution that they leave readers with no choice but to crave more.”
— Michael Dooley, Imprint