Oni and Kunoichi

14 09 2016


Digital drawing.

Batman on a Gargoyle

5 09 2016


Digital painting practice. Batman on a gargoyle has been done numerous times, but it’s a great visual concept so one more won’t hurt.

The Creeps Magazine: Castle of Horrors

11 07 2016




A couple of pages from The Creeps Magazine issue no. 7, out this month!

Retro Cover Project

6 06 2016

Hi guys. Just wanted to mention that I’ve set up a new art blog, The Retro Cover Project. It’s just something I do for fun, pin-ups dressed as covers from the bronze age of comics. I’ll still be posting most of my other work here, but please do check it out. It’ll be a blast!


The Creeps Magazine: The Monkey’s Paw

23 03 2016



Preview pages for The Monkey’s Paw, a classic horror tale. Done for The Creeps Magazine issue 6, out in April!

Miracleman vs. Stardust the Super Wizard

10 03 2016


Did this one for fun. Two near-omnipotent beings battling amid a stormy sky… Miracleman and Stardust the Super Wizard!

Heroes in Love

6 02 2016


Something I did just for fun for my wedding anniversary. A cover mock-up depicting me and my wife as superheroes. I borrowed the old DC bullet and the title/logo from their “Young Heroes in Love” comic (no copyright or trademark infringement intended, DC!). I removed the “Young” part since we aren’t young anymore, haha!

Twinkly background image designed by Kjpargeter – Freepik.com