Aborted Komiks Anthology

24 01 2010

I and some of my fellow comics creators were approached a couple of years ago to start a new line of comics. The title I was supposed to work on started out as SUPER ADVENTURE, but we discovered that the title had already existed some years back, so the title was retitled TOTAL ADVENTURE. I did the cover pencils and inks (as well as the layout and logo design) and the colors were done by Ner Pedrina

After a few meetings, the featured stories were jumbled up. Sandugo was moved to an all-superhero title, while White Wolf and Maskarado were joined by a new feature, Vampiolo. The title became a mystery-adventure type of book, so it became SUPER THRILLS. I pencilled a new cover (and designed a new logo)…

Contracts were about to be signed, and the whole thing got as far as the inking stage…

But then communication from the publisher’s side suddenly stopped, and the project was dead in the water.

Good thing all the creators held the copyrights to their works.

Sandugo & Sandata created by Ner Pedrina, White Wolf created by Leonard Banaag and Jomar Bulda, Vampiolo created by Garro, and, of course, Maskarado created by myself.



4 responses

30 01 2010

Wow! Hanep! Ganda nito, Reno!

21 12 2012
Maskarado vs. Silakbo « CapsuleZone

[…] story was supposed to be part of this anthology, but like it says in that particular post, the whole thing didn’t push through. By the time […]

4 03 2014
Ogie Cruz

Reno! Galing art mo as always. I would love to spearhead an anthology title like this. πŸ™‚
Questions: Is Vampiolo based on a famous star? (hint hint) And White Wolf is combined creation of Jomar Bulda and Leonard Banaag where can I see some art of them?

Galing talaga! Hope you can do this locally in the different set of agreements.


5 03 2014

Vampiolo IS based on a famous actor. πŸ™‚ And Jomar Bulda has a deviantart page at orphanshadow.deviantart.com and Leonard Banaag is the co-creator (with Philip Tan) of the Image comic Taleweaver from quite a few years back.

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