Wall of Angels #5

30 12 2008

Cover and interior pages for TwentyToSix Books’ Wall of Angels #5. (cover colors by Hi-Fi Design)




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2 responses

9 10 2011
Tarrius Tony Hodge

Wow! I really like how you use your darks. I was wondering can you tell me of any resources that will help me get better at light and shadow. I keep hearing from other artist that my foundation and basics are okay- but I need to imrove my rendering. When I look at other comics and art I notice that most of the rendering is done on the underside of the muscle. Is this just some rule or just a stlye most artist prefer.

12 10 2011

Hey Tony… The best way to study light and shadow is to look at real life! Also, if you want to study high contrast shadowing, I suggest you track down some old black & white films. The cinematography is quite different from colored films, and you can see how the filmmakers utilize black & white to their advantage. As for comic book artists, the best at shadows (IMO) is Alex Toth. He doesn’t need fancy rendering, but he can still make a comic page stand out because of his excellent sense of light and shadow. David Lloyd is also a master of shadows, and if you want study rendering take a look at the works of Nestor Redondo and Alfredo Alcala. Hope this helps!

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